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Lord of Stone Masons – The Sandstone Repair Experts in Sydney

Sandstone is one of the unique stones, ideal for enhancing the indoor and outdoor areas of your commercial and residential properties. The beauty of this stone is that no two pieces look the same as they all have naturally different designs, shades, colors and tones. The versatile nature of the stone makes it perfect for flooring and walls. From pool areas to backyards to driveways to bathrooms, sandstone can adorn any area of your property.

The toughest of building material can wear out with time, and this makes it essential for property owners to hire an expert to undertake the repair work. If you see your sandstone surface cracking, chipping, discoloring or fading, you know it is time for repair.

Sandstone floors or walls may get damaged due to various reasons – wear and tear, wash cycles, weather, etc. Restoring their condition becomes extremely important to maintain the look of your property.

At Lord of Stone, we undertake sandstone repair at affordable prices, so updating the appearance of your home or office becomes easy. You can count on us for fixing worn, chipped, cracked or stained sandstone. We have more than a decade of experience in this field, and this makes us a sandstone restoration expert in Sydney.

How We Work?

Once you call us to discuss the type of damage your sandstone wall or flooring has undergone, we will send our expert stonemason to inspect your property. Depending on the type and extent of damage, our expert will suggest the proper treatment. We know that each type of stone requires a different restoration method. Hence, this is why we thoroughly inspect your property and suggest a solution depending on the stone type installed in your home.

When we undertake sandstone or any other repair work, we promise to deliver exceptional results. We carry out the repair procedure carefully, so there’s no further damage done to your property. We make use of the best of supplies and advanced techniques to give you the desired results. At no point, we take shortcuts during the repair procedure so that you can expect 100% satisfactory results.

Who Are We?

Lord of Stone Masons is a company owned and run by experienced stonemasons. We have been in this business for over 30 years, and this makes us an expert in stone cladding, sandstone paving, stone columns, stepping stones, feature wall, retaining wall, sandstone restoration, etc.

At Lord of Stone, we aim to deliver high-quality work to make our clients happy. We promise to impress you with the perfection of our work, so you feel like referring us to your acquaintances. We provide a competitive quotation for complete convenience, so renovating or restoring your property doesn’t feel too heavy on your pocket.

Why Choose Us?

Feature Wall

When our clients approach us to fix sandstone issues, we ensure providing cost-effective and long-lasting solutions. We know that renovating your home often isn’t possible. This is why we offer repair solutions that will last for years. To deliver quality work, we make use of the latest technologies. By integrating traditional techniques and modern technologies, we deliver satisfying results to all our valuable clients.

Retaining Wall

We are a team of experienced and expert stonemasons, so we deliver outstanding results no matter what work we undertake. Our knowledge and expertise in the field help us deliver work with excellent efficacy. At no point you will find our service to be of low-quality or inappropriate.

Feature Wall

We know that the repair technique for each type of stone is different. This is why when you come to us with the request of repairing your sandstone surface, we ensure to choose methods that are the most suitable for repairing this particular type of stone. With incorrect knowledge on repairing various types of stones, more harm than good can be done to the surface. This is why it becomes essential to place the responsibility of repairing your sandstone surface on the shoulders of an experienced and knowledgeable company like ours.

Our team of experienced stonemasons has received specialized training to understand the unique properties of sandstone, making them capable of handling the repair work of sandstone surfaces well.

Stone Masonry Sydney services

You can ask us about the cost of the repair treatment to know the expense you will incur. We are confident that you will find our prices to be reasonable and affordable. Remember, the cost of repairing your sandstone wall or flooring will be much more reasonable than replacing it entirely.

If your sandstone surface has experienced extensive damage, you can count on us for offering a full restoration service, including the grinding of the surface. We can grind it down by three to five grades using diamond discs to achieve its correct grade. Also, we can polish it for you to any desired finish.

Contact Us To Avail Sandstone Crack Repair Service At Affordable Pricing

Give your home or office the repair and care it deserves. We offer sandstone surface repair at competitive pricing, so you don’t have to think twice before hiring us to fix your property’s condition.

With our high-quality services, we promise your sandstone surface will look new for years to come. It will regain its condition, shine and luster.

Call us on 0447 744 409 or 1300 983 899 to discuss your sandstone repair needs. You can also fill in the form on our contact us page for us to call you back and offer a free consultation.