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Sandstone Paving In Sydney

Are you searching for the perfect way to transform your outdoor living area? Look no further than sandstone paving for a stylish, modern alternative to outdoor landscaping. Whether you are looking to create a path, a walkway or transform your driveway, the use of sandstone pavers is visually appealing and completely practical. Sandstone pavers are commonly referred to as stepping stones and can be utilized in various outdoor projects. The material incorporates a natural blend of colours that leaves an authentic, unique looking floor once completed. When you need sandstone paving done professionally, choose our experts at Lord Of Stone for the job.

Our sandstone paving designs will give your home and garden an elegant and modern feel. The durability and charm of sandstone tiles are perfect for outdoor areas like patios, decks, and paths without bothering on your local weather conditions. The classic texture forming grains, veins, and fissures are beautifully formed to make unique patterns, which means you can apply them in creating water features or landscape designing.

Our experienced sandstone paving Sydney and sandstone pavers, suppliers and installers of Sydney help you choose the suitable sandstone tiles in accordance with your needs. Call us to discuss your requirements and get a tailored solution.

Crazy Paving In Sydney

Crazy pavers are available in various shapes and patterns to provide appealing options that will fit any garden aesthetic. Utilizing sandstone for your crazy paving project is recommended as the sedimentary rock provides a sophisticated quality that other artificial materials cannot match.

The concept of crazy paving refers to the crazed appearance created through the paving once the surface has been finished. Crazy paving consists of sandstone pavers of irregular shapes and sizes placed together without any planned design to create a ‘crazy’ appearance. Unlike traditional paving, which is utilized for its clean, precise lines, crazy paving is unique and will provide a distinct style for your outdoor space.

Why Choose Crazy Paving?

There are many reasons to choose crazy paving as a visually appealing addition to your property, such as:

  • Suitable for pool areas and outdoor spaces
  • Unique natural sandy and earthy toned colours
  • Suitable for indoor use as well
  • Perfect for wall cladding
  • Cost-effective stone product
  • Non-slip surface finish

We are experts in Stone Paving, Sandstone Paver, Crazy Paving & Flagging Installation service in Sydney and its suburbs like Abbotsbury, Auburn, Bankstown, Bella Vista, Blacktown, Baulkham Hills, Cabramatta, Carramar, Castle Hill, Chester Hill, Darlinghurst, Epping, Fairfield, Girraween, Gladesville, Glenfield, Greenfield Park, Green Valley, Guildford, Heckenberg, Hurstville, Kingsgrove, Leichhardt, Lindfield, Liverpool, Macquarie Park, Merrylands, Miller, Moorebank, Paddington, Parramatta, Prestons, Revesby, Riverwood, Seven Hills, Smithfield, Surry Hills, Warwick, Westmead and Wetherill Park.

Sandstone Flagging In Sydney

Sandstone flagging is when sandstone is utilized to create random, irregular patterns that become ‘crazy pavers.’ Sandstone flagging is primarily used for wall cladding, stepping stones and footpaths. Utilizing sandstone for wall cladding is a practical choice as it will protect your home from harsh weather conditions and any unexpected damage, but it can also be an aesthetically pleasing addition to your property. With the addition of sandstone flagging – which utilize crazy pavers, you can take your wall cladding to the next level and fully insulate your home using a natural element.

Why Use Sandstone For Paving?

Sandstone is entirely natural, which gives it a range of added benefits and characteristics which make it perfect for paving projects. There are many reasons to choose sandstone for your next paving venture, including:

Feature Wall

Sandstone lasts longer than essentially all other paving materials. The stone is extremely versatile and durable as it can resist harsh weather conditions and remain in pristine condition throughout time. Another advantage is that it requires little to no maintenance. To keep your sandstone pavers looking brand new, you need to simply give your pavers a clean with a high-pressure hose or some warm water.

Paving Stone

In conjunction with its practicality, another valuable reason to use sandstone pavers is that it simply looks good. Sandstone is made up of earthly colors that tie in especially well with any outdoor spaces you’re looking to renovate. If you want a unique structure that exudes character and style, choose sandstone for a visually appealing material.

Paving Stone

At Lord Of Stone, we aim to keep our prices down while providing the best stonemasonry services possible. We guarantee that our sandstone paving is great value for money as a natural material means it is long-lasting but still affordable to use. To get an accurate quote for your sandstone paving project, contact our team today.

Paving Stone

Sandstone is natural, unprocessed, and untreated with any artificial chemicals. With its rich brown and earthy tones, it is an appropriate choice for outdoor projects. The natural material is also incredibly timeless, and therefore, will age very slowly.

There are many advantages associated with using sandstone for your paving and crazy paving projects. For more information on sandstone paving from our experts at Lord Of Stone, contact us today.

Why Choose Us?

At Lord Of Stone, we have over 30 years of experience in the stonemasonry industry. Throughout the many projects we’ve worked on, we aim to offer comprehensive services that create high-quality sandstone structures for your property. We possess the appropriate skills and expertise to create and implement sandstone paving which works to transform your outdoor space into one that is bound to be more visually appealing without any added effort. There are multiple reasons as to why you should choose our team at Lord Of Stone for your next crazy paving project, including:

  • We are one of the leading stonemason companies in the area and guarantee to provide the finest and most efficient services to our customers.
  • We deliver precise and realistic quotes for all your stonemason requirements.
  • We use innovative technologies and devices to create a smooth finish for your projects.
  • We complete our projects within a scheduled timeframe and with full customer satisfaction.
  • Our specialists are always ready to support you with any questions and provide useful explanations whenever needed.
  • With 30+ years of experience in the stonemasonry industry, we understand the best methods to deliver crazy paving for your outdoor landscape.
  • We specialise in sandstone paving, crazy paving, and sandstone flagging.

With the addition of crazy paving in your backyard, you’ll be able to transform the appeal and overall value of your property easily. To ensure this happens successfully, we have a team of professionals who complete their work to the highest standard and in a way that meets all your expectations. In addition to sandstone paving, we also specialise in stone cladding, stone columns, stepping stones, feature walls, retaining walls, and sandstone repairs. No matter what sandstone structure you’re after, our team at Lord Of Stone will get the job done properly. For more information on our sandstone specialists, contact us today.

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At Lord Of Stone, we utilize natural sandstone to create impressive, unique stonemasonry products. Our team of professionals implement sandstone and crazy paving that is practical and aesthetically appealing for your outdoor environments or indoor wall cladding. For more information on our services or to get started on your crazy paving project, contact us today or call us on 1300 983 899.