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As a company, we have accumulated more than 30 years of experience in the stonemasonry industry. Specialising in sandstone masonry, we have created and customised all kinds of structures. Lord of Stone is owned and operated by experienced, professional Sydney Stone Masons with a reputation for skill, talent, and a keen eye for detail. When you need stone masonry that lasts, choose our team at Lord Of Stone for the job.

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Lord of Stone – The Classic Touch Of Stone Masonry To Your Modern Homes

Whether it is outdoor space or indoor space, stonemasons can add a contemporary look to your house. Most of the houses designed these days have a completely modern interior with a modern look. But if you can give that classic touch of stone arches or masons, you can change the entire look of your house. It is one of the best options even when you wish to renovate your old house with a new look. And we Lord of Stone can serve you better to get the look that you desire.

We are well known for providing the best services at the best price. With 30+ years of experience in this field, we can assure you the best in-class services for stone masonry construction. They may be simple stone wall art, but we will turn those simple things into extraordinary. These masons look perfect in homes and offices as well. You can consider them for your main doorway, kitchen, bedrooms, dining halls, and walk-in closets as well.

We offer wide range of other services too including cladding, stone column installation, stone feature walls, and more. To know in detail, browse website.

Why choose Lord of Stone for stone arches?

What are we popular for?

  • We are famous for our commitment towards work.
  • Our professional team takes care of everything you need.
  • Immediate help or service on a single call.
  • We provide measurement and quotation services for free.
  • We offer residential and commercial project services.
  • We are specialised in different masonry types like granite, sandstone, marble, and others.
  • We adhere to all safety precautions before we start our work.

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During our work, we have been following our commitment to clients about providing the best services and to show high quality of work.



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We use the best materials and the latest technologies, therefore we are confident in the quality of work we do.



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We stand for following our company’s value, which maintain our successful work. We always try to do our job better and present to the highest stand.



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Why Choose Lord Of Stone

Stone Masonry Sydney services

Carving a reputation in stone for over 30 years, our team at Lord of Stone have attained the appropriate skills and expertise to transform the look and feel of your home into one that is attractive and highly practical. We are experienced in all forms of sandstone projects and can customize retaining walls, steps, paving, and more to match the aesthetic vision you have for your home. No matter what sandstone project you have in mind, contact our sandstone company for impressive services.

Stone Masonry Sydney services

Our projects cover all residential jobs through iconic locations. No matter where you are located or how tough you may think the job is, our team are qualified to plan and execute your sandstone project to the highest standard. With superb workmanship and a high level of dedication to the art of stone masonry, we guarantee the desired results every time.

Stone Masonry Sydney services

We get it right the first time, so you know exactly what you are paying for. Understanding payment options and prices can be a difficult task. Therefore, at Lord Of Stone, we ensure that our quoting is accurate and clear. We don’t want our customers to be confused or stressed about the overall cost of their projects as we are dedicated to keeping our prices low and creating a sense of trust between our customers and us. For more information on quoting, contact us today.

What We Do

At Lord Of Stone, we specialise in a range of services to improve the outdoor structures of your home. Our stonemasons are professionally trained and have garnered years of experience in utilising sandstone to transform your outdoor spaces into more creative, inviting landscapes. Whether you’re searching for a way of breathing new life into your home or wanting to mend structures that are outdated or dull, choose our team at Lord Of Stone to get it done. Our range of services include:


Stone Cladding

Opt for traditional sandstone cladding for either your home’s interior or exterior to provide a richer, more vibrant look. Stone cladding is the ideal choice for when you’re aiming to transform the look of your home into a more decorative design. Utilise stone cladding for stoves, fireplaces, bathroom, boundary walls, and much more. With rich and deep colours, stone cladding is your one-stop solution to a practical, beautiful space.

Sydney Sandstone Company

Sandstone Pavers

Are you thinking of adding pavers into indoor or outdoor space? Sandstone pavers are a great choice as they are natural-looking, low-maintenance, and incredibly durable. Sandstone can be utilised for many projects around your home and will provide a lavish enhancement or transformation to your home.

Sydney Sandstone Company

Stone Columns

Give your home a more classic look and feel with the addition of a stone column. These structures are perfect for intensifying the appearance of your home and significantly increasing the value of your space. With amazing strength and reliability, installing a stone column into your outdoor space will enhance its architectural integrity and create a unique centrepiece within your home.

Stepping Stone Sydney

Stepping Stones

Does your outdoor space require stairs for added practicality? Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your stairs by utilising stone. Sandstone is the perfect way of capturing a rustic yet authentic look for your steps. With its high durability and flawless charm, choose sandstone steps from our team at Lord Of Stone today.

Sandstone Wall Cladding

Feature Walls

Stone feature walls will enhance the look of your home in an elegant manner. Transform boring white walls into something more pleasing to the eyes with the addition of sandstone. With its natural look and ability to provide room insulation, a feature wall could be the more practical solution to keeping warm this winter.

Stepping Stone Sydney

Retaining Walls

Protect and retain soil that can get eroded with an outdoor retaining wall. With a modern touch and improved appearance, a retaining wall can serve many purposes throughout the home. Our talented team of professionals will utilise sandstone to complete your retaining wall project to an exceptionally high standard.

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At Lord Of Stone, we utilise natural sandstone to create your stone masonry products. We’re a professional team of stonemasonwith a keen eye for design and years of experience and expertise to back us up. For more information on our services or to get started on your sandstone project, contact us today or call us on 1300 983 899.