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As a Company, we have accumulated 30 years of experience in Stone Masonry industry. Specializing in different types of Masonry which includes marble, granite, sandstone and more.


Cladding is the application of one material over another to provide a skin or layer.

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We Are Lord of stone

We have been transforming the ideas and visions into award-winning projects.

About us

Lord of Stone Masons is owned and operated by experienced, professional sydney Stone Masons. As a Company, we have accumulated 30 years in the Stone masonry industry with a reputation that is incredibly talented and skilled tradesman with a keen eye to details.

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During our work we have been following our commitment to clients  about providing the best services and to show high quality of work.

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Highest Quality

We use the best materials and the latest technologies, therefore we are confident in the quality of work we do

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We stand for following our company’s values, which maintain our successful work. We always try to do our job better and present to the highest standard.

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Safety Awareness

A safe work environment requires good process, commitment and total safety awareness. Each and every member must understand that safety is the primary mission of Lord of Stone.

Stone Masonry by Professional Stonemasons in Sydney

Lord of Stone – The Classic Touch Of Stone Masonry To Your Modern Homes

Whether it is outdoor space or indoor space, stone masons can add a contemporary look to your house. Most of the houses designed these days have a completely modern interior with a modern look. But if you can give that classic touch of stone arches or masons, you can change the entire look of your house. It is one of the best options even when you wish to renovate your old house with a new look. And we Lord of Stone can serve you better to get the look that you desire.

We are well known in Sydney for providing the best services at the best price. With 30+ years of experience in this field, we can assure you the best in class services for stone masonry construction. They may be simple stone wall art, but we will turn those simple things into extraordinary. These masons look perfect in homes and offices as well. You can consider them for your main doorway, kitchen, bedrooms, dining halls, and walk-in closets as well.

Why choose Lord of Stone for stone arches?

  • Best quality material:

We make sure to use the best and high-quality material for the construction of stone masons. We do not compromise with the quality of services offered, and hence we are the best for you.

  • Natural look:

Nature is always beautiful, and the stones that look natural can add a beautiful look to your house. Simple stones, when arranged in a particular style to give a contemporary look, is definitely beautiful.

  • Suitable anywhere in the house:

You can go for stone masonry in any location in the house or office. It need not always be just the entrance door of your house. When you need a wide space for entrance, then arch designs are a great choice.

  • Multiple designs:

When talking about stonemasons, not all the arches in the house need to look the same. There are multiple designs that Lord of Stone, Sydney, can design for you. Either you choose a design of your choice and let us help you make the right choice from the wide range of options available for you

  • Not just door:

Stones Masons are not just for the doorways. You can even have stone masons for your windows, walls, and columns as well. If you wish to have a wide window, then add an arch to it, and that gives a beautiful look. So, you can have these stone masons in Sydney anywhere in your property.

What are we popular for?

  • We are famous for our commitment towards work.
  • Our professional team takes care of everything you need.
  • Immediate help or service on a single call.
  • We provide measurement and quotation services for free.
  • We offer residential and commercial project services.
  • We are specialised in different masonry types like granite, sandstone, marble, and others.
  • We adhere to all safety precautions before we start our work.

Book your free consultation with our team today in Sydney. We will be incredibly happy to assist you and resolve every query to serve you better.

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