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Stonemasons and Stone Masonry Works Heckenberg

At Heckenberg, we aim to provide stonemasonry works for all kinds of structures and buildings. Whether it is an outdoor space or indoor space, our expert stonemasons will focus to add modern designs to your house to alter the entire look of your house.

We make sure to use the best and superior quality materials to make your house look extraordinary. From stonemasonry installation to front gate, kitchen, bedroom, dining hall, to walk-in closets, our Heckenberg stone masons can customize each design.

We are renowned for offering sandstone repairs and heritage sandstone restoration services to restore and maintain the heritage buildings across Heckenberg for aesthetic reasons. Our sandstone repair and restoration team possess adequate experience and skills to provide tailored services.

If you need interior & exterior commercial stone cladding services for Heckenberg, our stone cladding installers can provide amazing designs. Sandstones are cut into strips of different sizes and apply heavy-duty adhesive to create featured walls. Natural stacked stone cladding panels when used for interior or exterior spaces with superior color and texture offer a superior finish.

If you do not know what kind of structural elements you would like to install for your residential or commercial buildings, talk to our talented stonemasons who can provide

  • Retaining Wall Building & Installation
  • Stacked stone cladding
  • Sandstone paving
  • Stone columns
  • Stone feature walls
  • Sandstone wall capping
  • Stone arches
  • Sandstone restoration

Retaining Wall Building & Installation Heckenberg

Nowadays, retaining walls are constructed to hold or retain soil behind it. Retaining walls are created using sandstone, concrete, timbers, rocks or boulders. Our sandstone retaining walls for Heckenberg buildings can meet specific needs such as stone walls for garden and around pools, create an elevated sitting spot, and add beauty.

Stone feature walls

We implement an innovative way to create stone feature walls to accentuate walls and add interest to the room. Stacked stone walls for indoor and outdoor can turn the unfurnished wall into a featured wall. We specialize in offering stone feature wall installation to enhance beauty and value of your property.

Sandstone paving & columns

Whether you need sandstone paving or sandstone column installation services, we create unique patterns and designs. The sandstone has got a spectrum of colors and classic texture that makes it ideal for outdoor applications like patios, decks, and paths.

Whereas, sandstone column or pillars are solid elements that help your building to stand out in a simple and natural way.

We also specialize in stone arches and brick arches to give artistic appearance to the entrance. Our Heckenberg stonemasons are masters in stonemasonry and can build stone structures to create any art, repairs and restoration to prompt natural look.

Looking for more reasons to choose our team at Lord Of Stone for the job? We guarantee the following:

  • As one of the leading stonemason companies, we guarantee efficient and high-quality stone cladding services for both residential and commercial properties
  • We deliver accurate and reasonable quotes for all stone cladding and masonry project requirements
  • With the use of innovative technologies and various tools, we can create the best finish for your cladding project
  • We understand you may be under a time constraint to get projects completed, and therefore, we manage our time to ensure your cladding is finished and looking its best as quickly as possible.
  • Our team is always ready to support you with any queries or complications you may be experiencing
  • With over 30 years of experience in the stonemason industry, we have formed the best ways to complete sandstone cladding which delivers both practicality and visual appeal
  • We are specialists in sandstone and stacked stone cladding